Product Specifications

Materials of Construction

From the beginning it has always been our priority and commitment to keep our product 100% manufactured here in the U.S. This is critical for us to maintain the quality standards that go into the production of our custom Patio Pocket Planters. Our product is made with an FDA approved polyethylene resin and contains no BPA’s. The “Rotational Molded” process that is used in the manufacturing of our product, allows for an extremely strong and durable product to be formed, that is then hand trimmed to our product specifications to create the very innovative and unique design appearance that it has.

Unique Color & Appearance

During the manufacturing process, we are able to add specialized colorants in with our resin mix that give our pocket planters their very unique and custom appearance that they have. We currently manufacture them in three distinct colors; Brown Sandstone, Gray Granite & Solid Chocolate Brown.

Optimal Size & Design Features

We carefully considered the overall size of our planters to be a very important aspect of our design process. They needed to be big enough in order to hold enough growing media (soil mixture) to support the root systems of a variety of plants & vegetables. Our planters hold up to 2.8 Cu. Ft. of growing media, which provides plenty of space for the plant’s root systems to get deep down inside the middle of the planter to the cooler, moist part of the soil mixture. The addition of our center watering tube helps ensure that water gets to the middle and lower portions of the soil mixture that would not be easily done by just pouring water on the top surface of our planter.

Our Patio Pocket Planters are designed with 16 side cup openings that are perfect for a wide variety of small to medium sized plants and vegetables. The top of our planters are ideal for growing larger vegetables such as tomatoes and peppers.